Building Cleaning

We know building managers are aware that it is important to keep their premises clean not only for their building’s impression but also for their tenant’s sake. Professional managed cleaning support cuts directly to the bottom line. Office Cleaning San Diego is available to meet any building cleaning need, large or small.

General Scope Of Services

  • Carpet cleaning
  • VCT Vinyl Composite Tile, stone and marble floors
  • Special floor care & floor polishing
  • Stair and elevator cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitizing of all lavatory fixtures, sinks, partitions, walls, etc.
  • Wall washing
  • Wallpaper cleaning
  • Post construction clean up
  • Kitchen and lounge area cleaning including sinks, countertops, and appliances

Quality Control Managers inspect all of our accounts on a regular basis. Our Quality Control Managers are never indisposed; we have a helpdesk available 24/7.

Professional Building Cleaning services are available for buildings of all sizes. Call us today to discuss your needs and let us customize a solution that meets them today and in the future.

A Clean Office Is A Happy Office

Contact us today for your free zero obligation quote. We commit to providing you with unmatched office and building cleaning services.